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Art Parma Flight Time Publishing

Art Parma currently flies as captain for a Part 135 jet charter company. He has type ratings in the Gulfstream IV, Challenger and Cessna Citation jets. He also holds instrument and multi-engine flight instructor rating and an A&P certificate.

I started flying at Van Nuys airport and got my private pilots license in 1983. In 1987 I started working as a flight instructor. I quickly saw the need for my students to have some kind of organized handbook to use with their flight training. With an electric typewriter I put together a training guide for my students. Then with the help of my friend Ted Mayer and his Mac computer and laser printer (new technology) I published the Student Pilot Handbook. Since then I have also published the Instrument Pilot Handbook, the BFR and IFR Review, Pilot's Pocket Handbook and the Pilot's Rules of Thumb.

I have been working as a Part 135 charter pilot since 1997 for several different companies based out of Van Nuys airport. I got my type ratings in the Cessna Citation, Challenger 601 and the Gulfstream IV. I am now flying the Gulfstream IV for the last 9 years, and we do a lot of international flights. I still give flight instruction part time and hope to teach more in the future and stay closer to home.

I have posted some photos collected from inside and outside the airplane from all over the world. I think pilots definitely have the best job in the world. We are very lucky to have general aviation available to us in this country. I travel to countries and talk to would be pilots that can only dream of coming to the United States and learning to fly.

We see some pretty awesome sights. Like the Aurora Borealis completely circling the airplane crossing the North Atlantic, flying over an active volcano in Chile and looking down at the glaciers of Greenland. But many times over the ocean in the middle of the night I would rather be practicing some landings at Van Nuys airport.

Art Parma